De invloed van marketing op de slaagkans van crowdfunding.

Marketing als succesfactor voor crowdfunding (Engelstalig)

4 okt 2017

So Young Choi onderzocht onderzocht tijdens de masteropleiding Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam de invloed van marketing op de slaagkans van culturele crowdfundingprojecten.

Door So Young Choi




Crowdfunding is based on investing in the creative ideas of entrepreneurs, with the goal of aiding in their development. It is an often recurring practice within the cultural sector. But what is the influence of marketing on the success rates of these cultural crowdfunding projects? This is the topic of So Young Choi’s research paper. During her master Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam she conducted a research into the success rates of crowdfunding projects in the Dutch creative sector.

Previous research on crowdfunding normally looked at the motivation of funders based on donation theories which considered funders as donors. This research considers funders as consumers and investors and it focuses on marketing perspectives that can increase the success rate of crowdfunding. Since marketing is directly related to a company’s image and profits, successful marketing should have an important role in crowdfunding as well.

The objective of this study is to investigate the relationship between marketing related elements on crowdfunding platforms and success rate of crowdfunding projects in the cultural industries.